Reduce Administrative Burden for School IT Staff

Centralised, Customisable Web Filtering and Policy Tools Make it Easy

Over the last few years, school IT administrators have seen their workloads intensify. The move to remote learning created a demand for additional district-supplied devices for home and school, and consequently, the need to secure pupils from harmful content and cyber threats online and offline. Added to this, pupil safety and mental health became a more pressing priority, with an uptick in self-harm and cyberbullying impacting the emotional wellbeing of children and teens.

School IT managers need efficient web and content filtering that’s easy to use and deploy, cost effective and highly reliable to meet the quickly evolving technology needs of all pupils.

Simplify and Accelerate IT Admin Tasks for Safe Schools

Streamline management and enforce policies such as KCSIE with centralised, customisable features within the nFilter web and content filtering platform. To expedite and simplify tasks, administrators can utilise our easy-to-use dashboard to set their own filtering policies and get detailed reports for quick analysis of school information.

With nFilter, IT administrators will benefit from:

  • Delegated management of filtering policies to teachers, who are closer to the everyday content needs of their classes.
  • Central administration, which enables simple, universal policy management and enforcement across multiple networks.
  • Multi-tenancy, which increases efficiency, simplifies management, and saves time and money related to maintenance and IT resources. nFilter’s software-based technology supports management of multiple schools through a single deployed solution.


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