Safeguard PUPIL Mental Health & WELLBEING

Curb Exposure and PrioritiSe Digital Safety with Real-Time Web Filtering

Remote learning. Cyberbullying. Policy compliance. Self-harm and potential violence. As a school IT administrator, your list of challenges keeps growing. Netsweeper delivers the flexibility and control you need to adapt instantly and proactively to the next digital dilemma. Guided by our decades-long educator partnerships, we develop the most effective, easy-to-use web filtering technologies for online learning.


One in six children aged 5 to 16 were identified as having a probable mental health problem, a huge increase from one in nine in 2017. That’s five children in every classroom.

Supports Mental Health and Wellbeing

Monitor content for red flags and detect problematic online activity in real time, so you can intervene before incidents occur. Our AI-powered web filtering solution analyses, filters, and blocks harmful or inappropriate online content. Meanwhile, simple, yet customisable reports expose activities that require additional monitoring and action. Administrators can also configure the system to meet the needs of individual schools.

Secures Devices On and Off Campus

Extend remote web filtering and policy enforcement to every device and operating system (Windows, Mac, Chrome, Android, and iOS), anywhere. Integrated into Netsweeper’s core platform, our onGuard+ technology works online and offline, scanning internet and desktop content as well as user-submitted data in real time—even when disconnected from a Netsweeper network. This enables schools to equip pupils with devices for remote learning while protecting them from harmful content and cyber threats such as ransomware.

Controls Social Media Use

Limit access to popular student apps like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter easily. Our policy management tool provides safe online access without over-blocking, while giving IT administrators control of app- and web-based social media platforms. This allows schools to select which features they want to block based on their specific needs and criteria such as age, application and time of day.

Reduces Administrative Burden

Simplify management and enforce policies such as KCSiE with centralized, customisable tools. Our database of more than 3 billion URLs undergoes real-time, dynamic updates to education-specific categories such as hate speech, weapons, cyberbullying and substance abuse. These categories are AI-populated and not based on static lists, so they deliver full protection from the newest online threats. To expedite and simplify tasks, administrators can set their own filtering policies through our easy-to-use interface, and get detailed reporting via a simple visual dashboard for quick analysis of school or district information.

What About Classroom Management for Digital Learning?

Our classroom management solution helps teachers engage learners, control classes, and share content with pupils on and off campus. From one-on-one learning to group collaboration, educators will get advanced, yet easy-to-use technology that’s ideal for this generation of digital natives. Want to help educators maximize class time? Take advantage of the latest features, such as messaging capabilities, screen sharing, and safety filters.

The Netsweeper Difference for Education

Granular Social Media Control

Manage web- and app-based activity on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter through one interface.

Most Accurate Web Filtering Solution for Schools

Perform dynamic, real-time filtering with our AI-based content categorisation platform.

Advanced Reporting and Monitoring

Choose pre-configured or customisable tools for detailed logging, reporting and analytics.

Remote Filtering

Secure every device and operating system at any location—even off the campus network.

Flexible, Unified, and Scalable

Manage multiple schools through a single interface, delegate administration and scale on demand to meet changing needs.

SafeSearch Enforcement

Block inappropriate/explicit content across popular web search engines, including Google, Bing and YouTube.

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