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Many pupils use social media regularly, with TikTok, YouTube, and Snapchat being popular choices. According to Pew Research Center, roughly 1 in 5 teens visit YouTube “almost constantly.” Though these platforms aren’t inherently unhealthy, incessant use, exposure to cyberbullying, and the potential for negative self-image can be problematic. Most educators agree that banning social media platforms isn’t the answer; instead, it’s helpful to allow pupil access based on a variety of criteria such as age, time of day, etc. In addition, school IT administrators need to enforce policy compliance and secure remote devices without exceeding their budgets.

Help Pupils Moderate Their Time Online

nFilter’s policy management tool and granular social media controls provide safe digital access without over-blocking, giving IT administrators control of app- and web-based social media platforms. This enables schools to select which features to block based on specific criteria, including application, age group, time of day and more.

To protect pupils from harmful content, cyberbullying, phishing scams, and other threats, our solution delivers dynamic, real-time web and content filtering via our AI-driven content categorisation platform. Plus, our SafeSearch feature enables educators to easily block inappropriate content across search engines and platforms, such as YouTube.


In 2021, children on YouTube are the most likely to be cyberbullied of all social media platforms, with a rate of 79%.

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