Real-Time Digital SafeGUARDING

AI-Detected, Human-Verified Digital SafeGUARDING

onGuard+ is Netsweeper’s Student Protection Solution and Safety Monitoring Service, developed to provide real-time, proactive digital safeguarding to schools and Multi-Academy Trusts. To accurately determine who’s at risk, onGuard+ uses active system monitoring, including optical character recognition, to detect user activity and send alerts if potential risks are identified. To provide realistic context, this information is then reviewed in-person for evaluation, decision-making, or intervention. Fully integrated with the core nFilter platform, onGuard+ works online and offline, scanning internet content, desktop content, and user-submitted data in real time. Plus, it records at risk activity for case tracking and escalation processing via the onGuard+ dashboard.


of the world’s children and adolescents have a mental health condition

Helps Protect Pupils and Teachers Proactively

onGuard+ monitors, detects and alerts administrators to content related to violence, self-harm, cyberbullying, and other serious threats. As these online interactions need to be understood and contextualised by people, the solution alerts the administrator, who can further monitor these activities, intervene proactively, or choose to disregard content identified as posing no danger. By combining AI technology with human verification, false identifications and accusations can be prevented.

onGuard+ Dedicated Safety Monitoring Service

onGuard+ has a team of dedicated Digital Safety Monitors assess, evaluate, and escalate potentially imminent threats to student security and wellbeing. Human review of online pupil activity is easily managed by our Digital Safety Monitors, notifying school Safeguarding Leads of high-risk dangers immediately, allowing for intervention before an incident occurs.

  • No need to hire your own staff

    onGuard+ Dashboard activity is monitored by our team of Digital Safety Monitors.

  • Reduce false positives

    Our highly trained team review all events for intent and sentiment, minimising false positives.

  • Proactive safeguarding

    Be notified of any urgent risks to pupil well-being to take proactive action.

Key Features

Seamless Integration with nFilter

Uses the core platform’s AI-driven, dynamic categorisation engine to scan content and alert administrators to dangerous online behavior.

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

Monitors user data and on-screen content, then generates reports quickly to help administrators intervene proactively.

Intuitive Dashboards

Provides an at-a-glance visual dashboard for quick analysis of school and individual information.

Online and Offline Monitoring

Scans visible content on web pages, documents, or in messages and captures screenshots for review using OCR technology.

Trend Analytics

Analyses trends and changes in behavior across users, categories, or websites by charting past data.

Recommended Supporting Products

Our trained experts ensure smooth product installation and deployment, customising your solution to fit your filtering requirements. Plus, our solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing network infrastructure. Have a question? Technical support is ready to help online or by phone.

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