The UK’s Keeping Children Safe in Education’s comprehensive framework serves as a safeguarding cornerstone for the nation’s educational institutions, prioritising the well-being and security of its young learners. In an ever-evolving landscape of risks, from online threats to physical harm, this document provides guidance and standards that help schools and educators create safe environments conducive to learning.   

The increasing rate of mental health concerns among children in the UK is a tragic reflection of the complex challenges our young people face in today’s digital world. Failing to establish robust safeguards puts children at risk of encountering harmful online content, potentially leading to severe consequences for their mental health and overall well-being.  

During our webinar, Insights on the 2023 KCSiE Changes, hosted by Regional Director, Nick Levey, we were able to dive deep into the Keeping Children Safe in Education changes relevant to safeguarding software, technical requirements for filtering that ensure compliance, and how Netsweeper helps schools meet KCSiE’s standards and guidelines.

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