We’ve been getting a lot of questions from schools and school boards all around the world about remote filtering, so we decided to create a webinar series that answers your questions. Learn how you can facilitate safe and effective remote learning in Part 2 of our series.

Do you filter Chromebooks?

We do filter Chromebooks. We have a Chrome extension that can be rolled out through Google Classroom for your management console. So very easy and quick to deploy. That gives you overall management. That works across all the different browsers on the Chromebook. So even though most of you might be using the Chrome browser, it’s browser agnostic.

How quickly can this be rolled out?

Yes, so from a deployment point of view, we do have a cloud solution that is ready to go for anyone that is looking for client filter. And it’s a turnkey solution. So, we have it pretty much ready to go, we do need to create a client filter specific to the school. But that basically takes about a half an hour consultation with yourself in terms of what the requirements are for the school, when it comes down to operating systems, the type of level of filling you require. Once we have all those key criteria, we go away and build it. And we can usually get that turned around in less than 72 hours.

Can we report on off network activity?

Yes, we can. So obviously, content filtering is key. But knowing what your end users have been up to is just as important. Netsweeper’s reporting engine works in the background. And you can report on all your student’s activity while they’re on and off network. And that all feeds into our logs.

We have a granular reporting tool that allows you to create your own reports. But for those that don’t want to go and create their own reports, we have 45 out of the box reports with all the key information that schools tend to want to know about what their end users are up to. And they can be scheduled to be sent out on a daily, hourly, or weekly basis, depending on what the requirements are. It’s very much having your own way when it comes to reporting and how that’s distributed.

Do we need any onsite equipment for this for this to work?

No. We have a turnkey solution for our cloud environment, which is ready to go. We would provide you with either an executable or an extension depending on the operating system that you use, which you would then install onto the devices but it’s very much install and away you go with the client filter. So, once you have the client server built for you, once it’s installed, you’re ready to go and send those devices home. So very, very quick and no need for any on site equipment.

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