The Netsweeper Prevent Solution: Up the Ante Against Terrorism & Radicalization

Over the past few years, the United Kingdom has been at the forefront of counter-terrorism, and thus, there is a distinct need for an effective way to respond to potential terrorist threats. To align with the values of freedom, anti-discrimination, and democracy, that the UK endorses, the government has come up with an effective solution to respond to threats without undermining these morals. Back in 2015, the UK government initiated a solution and called it the ‘Prevent Duty’ program, which aims to protect school systems by placing responsibility on academic institutions in preventing people from being drawn into terrorism.

For an institution to have the Prevent Duty in place, they require a web filtering service provider, which is where Netsweeper comes in. Netsweeper has developed a unique and effective solution that stops radicalization and terrorist content from reaching students and staff. Moreover, terrorists, militias, and other unlawful organizations have been known to radicalize and recruit students and staff. This is done through the social media that they use on in school infrastructure, making web content filtering so much more important.

Netsweeper can offer organizations the most effective controls for managing web applications and URLS with our secure and scalable solution.

Ways that Netsweeper can assist your organization when implementing the Prevent Duty include:


Categorization of URLs in over 90 categories, including relevant sections such as, Criminal skills, Hate Speech, Weapons, and Extreme Content.


Due to our large collective community of customers worldwide, Netsweeper categorizes URLS in over 30 languages.

Social Media Access

Allow access to social media sites like Twitter, while blocking certain activities such as posting or messaging.

Device Reports

Generate easy-to-understand reports of device Internet usage on your school network.

The Importance of Prevent

The threats to people’s safety in the UK are voices of extremism that discourage the values of modern Britain, making it difficult to ensure the safety of students and faculty within schools. The Prevent Duty was put in place to combat extremism, terrorism, and radicalization from reaching schools, and furthermore aims to assist those who may have been negatively affected by these known threats. With Netsweeper’s technology, let’s work together to avert people from being drawn into terrorism, while reiterating how important the Prevent Duty is for the safeguarding of both staff and students in the UK.