Netsweeper nClient can be installed on Windows, OSX, Chrome, iOS, and Android devices, and will monitor internet traffic on those devices even when they are not connected to a Netsweeper filtered network. This enables schools to provide their students with devices that can be configured with their specific learning management systems, curriculum, software, etc., and remain confident that students will not browse to harmful or dangerous material when they take these devices home.

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Device Agnostic

Netsweeper provides native web filtering clients for Windows, Mac OSX, Chrome, Android, and iOS.

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No VPN Required

All filtering is done on the device, eliminating the need to route traffic through a bandwidth limiting VPN. Reducing network bandwidth, improving filtering performance and ensuring privacy compliance.

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One Platform

nClient works seamlessly with Netsweeper nFilter so that all devices are managed from the same central policy. Content filtering policies that apply on-network will apply while off-network, and the switch between the two is unnoticeable to the student.

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Network Level Filtering at the Client

Immediate automated link propagation prevention slows or stops the spread of objectionable content within your network.



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