London Academy Islington – Netsweeper Case Study

For schools, operational flexibility and ease of administration is the ultimate goal. IT managers and school administrators need a system that fits into their existing infrastructure and supports their goals for student safety.

City of London Academy Islington is a renowned school in the UK and is jointly sponsored by the City of London Corporation and the University of London.

What was the challenge?

Academy Islington needed a solution that provided a web filtering that also met their safeguarding requirements. Their previous vendor was not able to meet their expectations due to limited options when it came to scalability, monitoring, and reporting.

The specific challenges that Academy Islington wanted to overcome:

• Blocking of pages within website and certain keywords
• Blocking access to games
• Monitoring student activity
• Producing detailed reports
• Creating and managing groups

How Netsweeper helped

After a thorough search for a safeguarding solution that catered to their requirements, Academy Islington landed on the Netsweeper nFilter solution.

Netsweeper provided the Academy with many key features that they needed such as scalability, monitoring, and reporting. The key benefit in choosing Netsweeper was the deployment options, which gave the school the flexibility to choose from cloud, on-premise or hybrid options. Academy Islington was also able to cut costs by spending less time managing and interacting with the platform.

“Both I and senior leaders are happy with results as we are protecting students. With Netsweeper, we managed to catch early warning signs of students who needed help and support. Netsweeper’s technical and user support has been very reliable from the start”.

Damur Kamuzinzi, City of London Academy Islington