Multi-Language Filtering

Content filtering has become an inevitable aspect in today’s digitized world. Not having a safe and productive internet environment may lead to several complications, with internet security becoming highly vulnerable to different types of threats and security concerns. Exposure to inappropriate and obscene content, as well as exposure to unproductive and illegal content can mislead children in many ways. That is exactly why internet service providers and schools hire the services of accomplished software solution companies. Netsweeper offers solutions that reside at the internet gateway of the client’s network enabling them to leverage highly sophisticated artificial intelligence technology. This means that the language filtering process becomes extremely accurate and highly result oriented.

An advanced form of language filtering
Earlier, language filtering was confined to the English language only. That situation has changed with the introduction of multi-language filtering solutions by Netsweeper. As a reliable and reputed service provider of highly dynamic internet content filtering, the Netsweeper solution offers internet providers and schools the opportunity to filter in a wide range of languages. Different languages that can be filtered using Netsweeper’s multi-language filter include English, Arabic, Russian, German, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Filipino, Korean, Catalan, Dutch, Hungarian, and many more. Internet service providers and schools can make use of an advanced filtering solution to make their internet environment safe and productive. Netsweeper’s web filter is the only solution that offers highly advanced multi-language filtering.




Learn about language filtering solutions for schools

It is a well known fact that the internet is beneficial in the development of children, but it can also mislead children in many ways if not properly used. That is why Netsweeper offers multi-language filtering for schools and helps to establish an up-to-date, acceptable user policy for students and staff. A top quality internet filter thoroughly enforces policy and prevents children from getting access to inappropriate content in the best possible manner. Many service providers solely offer English language filtering services to their clients, which can lead to filter bypass as a result of inappropriate content in other languages. Netsweeper offers multi-language filtering services that can easily block foreign sites that contain questionable content. It does not matter where a school is located, anyone can make use of Netsweeper’s multi-language filtering solutions to prevent students from gaining access to unwanted, questionable content.

Language filtering for internet service providers

Internet security has become a major source of concern for many internet providers. Everybody wants to offer the best services to their clients and are often challenged with dealing with different types of threats such as malicious software, DDoS attacks, virus attacks, phishing, and application vulnerabilities. If internet providers want to protect their clients against threats, it is crucial to have a multi-language filtering solution. Netsweeper’s multi-language content filtering solutions selectively apply filtering rules to specific PCs or users, clearly tracking which computers are going where on the internet. One does not need to worry about language restrictions as Netsweeper filters a variety of languages, allowing internet providers all around the world to make use of Netsweeper solutions in order to offer the safest services for their clients.


Millions of web pages are posted around the world daily in a variety of different languages. A standard filtering engine simply cannot keep up with this growth. Netsweeper solutions are embedded with a highly dynamic artificial intelligence engine and a centralized web-based administration console, making IT resources highly active and error free. There is no need to worry about the back-hauling of traffic because the flexible client-server deployments and highly efficient reporting technology quickly delivers secure, detailed, and customized reports. Other advantages of Netsweeper’s multi-language filtering solutions include sophisticated OEM integration options, cost effectiveness, perfected ability to find minute discrepancies, a wide range of categorization features, and much more. If Internet providers and schools want to create a safe and productive Internet environment, it is important make use of highly advanced multi-language filtering solutions. Such a method of approach makes the internet experience hassle free, enjoyable, and result oriented.