Netsweeper for Telecommunications

Reduce Churn and Increase APRU with Netsweeper.

Increase APRU

Increase your average revenue per user by utilizing our suite of valued added services.

Reduce Churn

Retain your customers while providing them with fast and reliable internet connectivity.

ARPU Generation & Churn Reduction

At Netsweeper we want to help reduce your churn keeping customers by your side, while increasing Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). Netsweeper provides active visibility into data-in-motion network traffic, enabling service providers with stronger security. The Netsweeper platform in combination with its high performance, scalable, multi-tenant reporter enables service providers to deliver advanced intelligence and management solutions to enterprise, government, and service provider networks to operate more efficiently and effectively in a way that will keep your customers happy.

Add Value with Netsweeper

In today’s world, the Internet is a powerful tool used by everyone everywhere. It is crucial for organizations to have a sustainable web content filtering system. With Netsweeper, managed services providers can deliver the data your business customers want and carriers can reduce churn and increase ARPU by providing a delightful user experience to their subscriber base. The primary benefit of having Internet filtering software is that it protects from unwanted web content, increases employee productivity, and enforces acceptable corporate use policies enabling organizations in reaching their goals. We have the experience and the expertise to work with you to deliver a solution that matches your unique technology and commercial requirements.

The Virtual Risk is Happening Now.

Manage your VAT collection and enforcement with Netsweeper.

Reduce the Risk of Radicalization.

Ensure Your Citizens are Safe from Extremism and Terrorism online threats with up to the minute alerting and reporting.

Media Monetization

Allow your brand message to reach a new audience like never before.

How to Detect Phishing Attacks

How to Detect Phishing Attacks What is a Phishing Attack? A phishing attack is an email or a text from a hacker who is trying to steal personal information for profit. Hackers will either encourage you to click on a link (which downloads malicious software onto your...

6.3.2 Release Notes

6.3.2 Release Notes Netsweeper is pleased to announce the 6.3.2. EA Release. This is the second EA release in the 6.3 release cycle. Some of the major features in 6.3.2 EA include: WebAdmin customizable view and functionality improvements: o   All WebAdmin tables can...