In this digital era, kids are more tech savvy than their parents ever were. Hand a smart phone or tablet to your three-year-old, and chances are they’ll figure out how to open it, play games and watch YouTube videos. According to VTech, 78 percent believe it is important for children to be introduced to technology at a young age. As technology is an integral part of learning, innovation and future careers, being digitally skilled is key to a successful life in this modern age.

Protecting your child from the dangers of being online is one of the greatest challenges most parents these days face. According to a 2019 report by Common Sense Media, children ages 8-12 spend an average of four hours and 44 minutes on their phones a day. With kids keeping up with the latest trends, developing changing online interests and discovering new social media apps, the risks are continuously evolving, making it hard for parents to stay on top of it. It’s clear that children are overdoing it online. With parental controls in place, kids will be able to stay connected while avoiding predators and mental health struggles.

Signs Your Family Needs Parental Controls

  1. Risky Content: Children are curious, which may lead them to search or come across less than innocent content. With parental controls in place, it will block, filter and monitor any harmful online dangers
  2. Ignoring Responsibilities: If your child is spending an excessive amount of time online, chances are they are not completing homework and avoiding family responsibilities. Limiting their time online will help restore school-life balance
  3. Sneaking their devices: Many times, children like to sneak their digital devices in their room or fib about how long they’ve been online for. Although this is common, it can lead to more damaging behaviour later down the line
  4. Oversharing Online: If you notice your kids have hundreds of friends and followers online that they most likely don’t know, or are listed as public instead of private, it’s time to get parental controls. This will help monitor any personal information your child may be sharing online
  5. Signs of Exhaustion: If you notice your child is unable to focus in school or other activities, they are most likely trading in sleep for screen time. With parental controls you will be able to re-establish their focus and healthy habits so that they experience better moods and a healthy overall lifestyle

Parental Controls

With Netsweeper’s Internet Parental Controls, it monitors children’s access to inappropriate websites and content while using laptops, tablets, phones, and other smart devices. If you like many other parents are having a difficult time monitoring and balancing your child’s online activity, book a demo with one of our solution experts to see how we can help you create a safe and secure online environment for your family.

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