Scams are perpetrated globally and target people of all ages. From identity theft to phishing attempts, fraudsters have exploited Asia’s fears during the pandemic, resulting in high volumes of fraud losses.  

A combination of factors is driving the high cost of fraud, including increased online activity. Investment scams, pandemic scams, impersonations, demands of contactless payments, you name it – has opened a window of opportunity for scammers, contributing to the growing problem of cybercrime. 

Asia’s vulnerability to fraud is made up of greater internet connectivity combined with a lack of cybersecurity and low awareness. With Asia having some of the highest internet users in 2021, it is unsurprising that this region is a focal point for increase in attacks of cybercrime.  

Here are some of ScamAdviser’s top stats for online scams in Asia 👇👇👇

The surge in online activity also means that we are more exposed to scams and frauds. We’re working together with our partner, ScamAdviser, to protect internet users from harmful online content, while fighting the growing threat of cybercrime.  

Netsweeper’s software solutions enable individuals, organizations and businesses to create a safe online environment and improve digital safety. As a leader and active participant in the global internet filtering industry, our affiliation with ScamAdviser will offer users the ability to identify and avoid online fraud in real-time, while enhancing internet experience for all. 

Check out ScamAdviser’s full report on The Global State of Scams 2021, or for further information on how Netsweeper can provide you with the best tools for online safety, book a demo with our solution experts.  

Submitted by: Natasha Pande