Countrywide Protection

Ensuring your country’s laws and compliance needs are top priority and enforced.

Cyber Intelligence

Ensure the safety of your communities with robust logging and reporting of criminal activity with our Dynamic Categorization Engine.

Cyber Security

Prevent country wide risks of personal or corporate hacking, malware detection, identity theft, cyber crime and other illegal threats.


Meet your specific compliance needs and reduce the transmission of terrorist or extremist related content ensuring a safe internet experience.

Media Monetization

Allow your brand message to reach a new audience like never before.

Reduce the Risk of Radicalization.

Ensure Your Citizens are Safe from Extremism and Terrorism online threats with up to the minute alerting and reporting.

The Virtual Risk is Happening Now.

Manage your VAT collection and enforcement with Netsweeper.

Government Compliance & Security

As the risk of cybersecurity threats and extreme content continues to escalate, government bodies need to ensure thier users are secure and protected whether working with an institution or as a citizen of any country or state.

At Netsweeper protection is at the foundation of what we do, your citizen, employees and international guests’ digital safety and security is our top priority. To date we have categorised over 6 billion websites worldwide and protect over 500 million devices. Our carrier grade Secure Web Gateway (SWG) platform is designed to address the complaince regulations of any agency regardless of thier differentiations in security requirements while giving you the ability to filter out any malicious or inappropriate content.


Mainitaining Compliance Regulations

Netsweeper’s compliance web filtering solution provides you the trust you’re looking for. Netsweeper has dynamically classified billions of URLs and continues to add millions each and every day in over thirty languages. A centralized managed multi-tenanted or distributed solution that gives you the flexibility you need. We have the lowest TCO, with the use of standard non proprietary x86 based hardware.

Netsweeper supplies IT managers with web security tools optimizing network usage while providing a positive, productive, and safe Internet experience.

Government Network Security

We understand federal, state, provincial and local government bodies are reliant on the Internet to address and process citizen needs. We also acknowledge that providing unrestricted Internet access can open the door to an assortment of risks that have the potential to impact the security and privacy of its constituents or citizens. Netsweeper works with your organization to enforce an Internet usage policy to reduce vulnerabilities, productivity loss, network infection, legal liabilities, increased infrastructure costs and the loss of sensitive information or assets.