Country-wide Filtering and Regulatory Compliance

Protect citizens from harmful online content and ensure regulatory compliance within country borders

The Need for Country-Wide Filtering Solutions

Governments are struggling to control internet content within their country. 

 The three main issues are:

  • Blocking terrorist and extremist content from spreading online
  • Lost revenue from illegal online commerce activities
  • Minimizing the risks to public safety from cyber-attacks

From online media and music streaming, to taxation on rideshare providers and hotel services, government tax authorities struggle to regulate e-commerce activities within their boundaries.

Governments now face increased national and global pressure to combat the online publishing of cyberbullying, extreme shooting videos, and fake news that often spreads unchecked across social media and other platforms. 

Netsweeper is uniquely positioned to help countries meet this challenge head-on.

With decades of research and development, Netsweeper’s categorization and management platform is the most accurate, comprehensive solution for analyzing and classifying web content while providing a central administration tool for all ISPs in a country. Our solution enables a jurisdictional ring around a country’s virtual network to centrally block the proliferation of offensive content and lost taxes in milliseconds. Our scalable and cost-effective solutions provide tangible ROI for government authorities.




Netsweeper Tax Collection and Enforcement

Tax is the foundation of a nation and currently, the inability of the Government to collect taxes from eCommerce can have serious ramifications. This imminent crisis is called the “Virtual Risk” and it is a very real financial risk in our global market.

 Netsweeper’s VAT/Sales Tax Collections and Enforcement Solution can strengthen Government tax collection capabilities by removing the responsibility of collection and remittance from the Merchant or Transporter.


  • Seamless enforcement and collection
  • Securely enforce your country’s tax laws
  • Remit ANY eCommerce tax transaction quickly, safely and at low cost


Cyber threats, cybercrime, hacktivism, the proliferation of illicit content and attacks on critical infrastructure and intellectual property are on the rise. Government regulatory compliance aimed at protecting the general populace most often involves service providers to analyze packet captures, log web usage, detect and prevent against advanced threats, deny harmful web content, and safeguard critical communication infrastructures.

Our tactical cyber intelligence approach drives agencies and communication service providers towards a cybersecurity posture that is predictive, not just reactive while providing context and relevance to large amounts of data.

Netsweeper is a distributed or centralized carrier-class filtering platform with AI driven dynamic classification and categorization, which optimizes network usage while providing a positive, productive, and safe internet experience.

Regulatory Filtering Capabilities

  • Fully integrated with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) URL list and IWF Image Hash List
  • Robust categorization engines with over two decades of development driven by AI + human review
  • Categorization in 30+ languages
  • Global categorization and list distribution via the Categorization Name Service
  • Fully supported, customizable lists
  • Designed, developed, and architected to surpass law enforcement Home Office and Homeland security needs
  • Virtualized/run on COTS hardware
  • Billions of websites classified with the ability to serve millions of users

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