Regulatory Compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance with flexibility and accuracy.

The Virtual Risk is Happening Now

Manage you VAT collection and enforement with Netsweeper.

Reduce the Risk of Radicalization

Ensure your citizens are safe from extremism and terrorism online threats with up the minute alerting and reporting.

Cyber Security

Cyber threats, cybercrime, hacktivism, the proliferation of illicit content and attacks on critical infrastructure and intellectual property are on the rise. Government regulatory compliance aimed at protecting the general populace most often involves service providers to analyze packet captures, log web usage, detect and prevent against advanced threats, deny harmful web content, and safeguard critical communication infrastructures.

Our tactical cyber intelligence approach drives agencies and communication service providers towards a cybersecurity posture that is predictive, not just reactive while providing context and relevance to large amounts of data.

Netsweeper is a distributed or centralized carrier-class filtering platform with AI driven dynamic classification and categorization, which optimizes network usage while providing a positive, productive, and safe internet experience.

Regulatory Filtering Capabilities

  •  Fully integrated with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) URL list and IWF Image Hash List
  • Robust categorization engines with over two decades of development driven by AI + human review
  • Categorization in 30+ languages
  • Global categorization and list distribution via the Categorization Name Service
  • Fully supported, customizable lists
  • Designed, developed, and architected to surpass law enforcement Home Office and Homeland security needs
  • Virtualized/run on COTS hardware
  • Billions of websites classified with the ability to serve millions of users