Glide, the managed service provider, has partnered with Netsweeper to launch Glide Education. This collaboration aims to revolutionise education by prioritising digital safety and seamless connectivity. With over 400,000 students benefiting from Glide’s network, and Netsweeper’s proven track record in digital safety, both companies have collaborated through partnership to support the growth and development of young minds in the UK’s educational system.

Glide Education has strategically partnered with Netsweeper for its Onguard+ solution. Onguard+ is Netsweeper’s dedicated safety monitoring service to offer real-time, proactive digital safeguarding. The solution monitors all device activity, flagging potential risks such as self-harm, suicide, and cyberbullying.

Glide Education’s fully managed solution offers a hassle-free experience for schools and multi-academy trusts, particularly those lacking the time or resources to handle complex networking environments.

“As we join forces with Glide Education, we are committed to supporting the development and growth of children in this digital era. Partnering with Glide allows us to enhance our collective efforts in creating a safe and secure learning environment for students.” – Perry Roach, CEO at Netsweeper.

“Glide Education offers a tailored solution for primary and secondary schools, addressing their crucial connectivity and digital safety needs. Uniquely positioned to handle capacity, protection, and mobile learning requirements” – Sean Lowry, CTO at Glide.