Netsweeper Privacy Update: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

You may have heard, as of May 25 2018, organizations in the UK must comply with the new legislation under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This legislation will give consumers more control over how companies use their data and will introduce increased penalties for companies that do not comply.

With the launch of Google, Apple iPhones, Facebook, etc., we have seen a massive increase in the use of computers, tablets and software in schools. GDPR will replace our current Data Protection Act (DPA) and is designed to harmonize data protection legislation across Europe so that we all operate to the same standards. It is designed to take into account the evolution of the use of data across the past twenty years since the DPA came into force.

GDPR introduces a number of changes that will impact schools – not least that of consent. Education has always valued people’s rights and freedoms and has been very good at taking steps to protect personal data, but GDPR introduces new requirements as well as increased penalties for non-compliance.

It is important to note that schools store personal data on more than just the students enrolled there. Teaching staff, assistants, governors, parents, cleaners and more – everyone who is held on the database or on paper records will need to have their data carefully managed to prevent any personal data from being mishandled.

To assist you in your preparation and transition we have prepared a brief overview that outlines how Netsweeper will support you and your compliance with the incoming legislation.

For more information or discussed GDPR with a representative, please fill out a request for more information.