Prevent lost revenue from illegal online commerce activities

From online media and music streaming, to taxation on rideshare providers and hotel services, government tax authorities struggle to regulate e-commerce activities within their boundaries. Netsweeper is uniquely positioned to help countries meet this challenge head-on.

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Netsweeper Tax Collection and Enforcement

Netsweeper’s VAT/Sales Tax Collections and Enforcement Solution can strengthen Government tax collection capabilities by removing the responsibility of collection and remittance from the merchant or transporter. Our platform allows for the seamless enforcement and collection of eCommerce sales tax and sales transactions worldwide.

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Encryption of eCommerce

Today, all eCommerce transactions and communications are encrypted since they are handling our money. However with encryption comes little or no transparency. Encryption prevents external access to information and all transactions.

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Payment Methods and eCommerce Technology

The technology today is mind boggling. Combine encryption and eCommerce technology along with hundreds of new payment methods now and on the horizon how do we manage jurisdictional compliance to our past and current tax requirements and laws.

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Volume of Online eCommerce websites

There is an estimated 10.55 million eCommerce websites which is expected to double in 3 years. By 2020, total eCommerce revenues are estimated to exceed 4 trillion around the world. Governments cannot keep up with the number of merchants on the internet today or tomorrow.

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How do we Disburse the VAT Use Tax? Who Buys and Who Uses the Goods/Services

With eCommerce downloads, goods, deliveries from anywhere around the world and different uses for the goods and services it is a challenge to understand the proper disbursement of use tax or VAT.

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Governments Want to have the Merchants Remit their VAT

With millions of merchants in every country in the world, and thousands of new online sales websites being added each year, it not possible for governments to manage outside of the jurisdiction of the country. Sheer volumes, jurisdiction, and the WWW cause this to be prohibitive. Why would governments put a minimum on the collection amount? Online sales are made up of billions of small purchases. Putting lower requirements on purchases that should remit VAT will hurt the government.

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Who Should Collect the VAT

It is Netsweeper’s position that only governments in their own countries should collect the VAT. Not Amazon, and not Netsweeper. Netsweeper’s offer is to put the government in control of VAT collection.

Netsweeper Solution

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Seamless enforcement and collection

Securely enforce your country’s tax laws by uniquely positioning Netsweeper platform in your countries’ gateways. Our platform collects the Tax Portion of the eCommerce transaction and remits it to the correct jurisdiction anywhere in the world.

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Securely enforce your country’s tax laws

Netsweeper’s Platform securely enforces, collects, and remits any eCommerce tax transaction with world interoperability per jurisdiction quickly, safely and at the lowest cost possible.


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