Parents Need to Protect Kids’ Surfing Habits

The need to protect kids’ surfing habits in becoming a popular topic among households worldwide. The growth of Internet technologies used by children today puts them at risk of bullying, accessing inappropriate content and can foster isolation.

Both adolescents and young children are some of the most susceptible on the Internet as innocent searches can lead them to malicious sites that they might not even recognize as dangerous.

This is one of the many reasons why having a secure web gateway in place is so crucial today. There have been a lot of recent discussions occurring in the media regarding parents being on top of their children’s online activity to know if their data is being used in a safe and secure manner.



Parental Concerns About Children’s Privacy

An article from CBC news brings light to the current issue surrounding concerned parents who worry about their children’s online safety due to a rise in virtual classroom tools’, which has prompted questions about student privacy. Parents who are required to sign consent forms do not feel as though there is a fair option; parents either allow their child to participate, or they are left out.

“I think our main concern is that there it is quite a lot of information that is going to get accumulated through … my daughter’s educational life.”

After doing some research, a concerned father expressed that, “I think our main concern is that there it is quite a lot of information that is going to get accumulated through … my daughter’s educational life” CBC, 2018. Providing parents with the option for parental monitoring capabilities could be the solution to this increasingly debated issue. Allowing parents to know that their children are safe without having them left out of using the classroom technology.

While the internet is surely a fantastic learning tool for today’s youth, there needs to be protection put in place to provide parents with the peace of mind that their children will not be harmed online. It is easy to sit beside your children and watch what they are doing on their personal devices, however, what happens when parents are not around?

What happens when parents are not around?

There are a variety of ways that Netsweeper can provide parental controls in order to help children avoid the darker parts of the web and to provide parents with some flexibility in monitoring their child’s online activity.



Here are 3 ways Netsweeper can help parents protect kid’s surfing habits while they are away:

SafeGuard Notifications

  • Parents can receive an alert if the system identifies a search or keyword containing potentially harmful related topics. Parents can also receive email notifications in the chance their child attempts to access any blocked or time-restricted websites.

User-driven Experience

  • The Internet is used by an increasing number of devices, and while conventional parental monitoring software may work for desktop computers, parents also need to monitor tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles, etc. With the multiple devices your children are using, it is hard to know what they are doing. Like any parent, our top priority is to keep children safe.

Secure and Customizable Interface


Take Aways:

According to a report conducted by Trend Micro, in the first half of the2017, there were 38.5 billion cyber-threats, in addition to a rise in the number of new ransomware families from 2016. Cybercriminals are constantly searching for vulnerable suspects online, and children are easy targets as they can be naïve to the dangers that exist on the Internet. Deploying Netsweeper’s web filtering solution for parental monitoring allows parents peace of mind that their children are constantly protected on the Internet.