Keep Children Safe Online

Providing Best of Breed Content Management Controls and Safeguarding in Your Network.


Ensure a safe learning environment with dynamic real-time content analysis. We categorize content in over 90 countries in over 30 languages, daily.


Our simplistic and easy to use Dynamic Categorization Engine sorts and displays content based on the parameters you set, with the granularity your require.


Get the most out of your web security with our robust reporting system with no hardware required. Ensuring you a safe learning environment for your students.

Creating a Safe E-learning Environment

The internet is now a core resource and useful tool to help children continuously learn and grow as individuals. Protecting students from online threats and their devices from infection is now more important than ever before.

Our web filtering solution provides real-time analysis of content that are often missed by other filtering and security products. We go beyond standard URL Lists to ensure students are protected from inappropriate or malicious content at all times. Our platform has been developed to meet both CIPA and OFSTED compliance requirements and the Prevent Duty Legislation. Our BYOD capabilites provides peace of mind and allows students to learn safe in and out of the classroom that are connected to your network.

Introducing Safeguard

Precise Student Monitoring. The emergence of e-safety has become a wider concern among students and hence, proper safeguarding strategies need to be implemented in the classroom.

5 of The Most Influential Women in Tech History

A force to be reckoned with, women have had an influence on technology throughout history. Today, in honor of International Women’s Day, we wanted to give you a brief look into history at some of the women who have impacted the internet that you use today. These women have pushed past boundaries and have found ways to Push for Progress in everything they did. Today we solute these women and thank them for the contributions they have made to our technology landscape.