In the ever-evolving realm of cyberspace, where information flows ceaselessly and boundaries blur between the virtual and the real, the need for filtering and managing online content has become paramount. Netsweeper, a pioneering force in web filtering technology, celebrate our remarkable journey of 25 years with a legacy of innovation and a commitment to fostering digital safety and security that leaves an indelible mark on the internet landscape. 

The Evolution of Netsweeper 

In the late 1990s, as the internet began to permeate every aspect of our lives, our founders recognized the pressing need to protect users from harmful online content. In 1999, we embarked on a journey to develop a cutting-edge web filtering solution that would empower organizations, educational institutions, to safeguard their networks and users from harmful and inappropriate content. Since the beginning, we have remained at the forefront of web filtering advancement. Our dedication to staying ahead of emerging digital threats and evolving technologies has driven the development of robust filtering solutions that offer unparalleled efficiency and reliability. 

“As we celebrate 25 years of safeguarding children online, Netsweeper remains steadfast in our commitment to fostering a digital environment where children can explore, learn, and grow safely. One of our latest battles is against scams.  We now protect citizens from over 1 trillion dollars in scams every year.  Our journey reflects not just technological innovation, but a deep-seated dedication to empowering parents, educators, and communities worldwide. Here’s to another 25 years of advancing digital safety and countless milestones yet to come.”  – Perry Roach, CEO of Netsweeper 

Netsweeper History and Achievements 

25 years history


Netsweeper’s Global Impact and Commitment 

During our journey, Netsweeper has displayed a remarkable ability to evolve alongside the internet’s dynamic landscape. Through continuous refinement of our filtering algorithms, harnessing machine learning and advanced pattern recognition, we effectively block a wide range of undesirable content, from malicious sites to inappropriate material. Netsweeper has been a driving force in promoting digital safety and compliance worldwide by offering customizable filtering solutions tailored to diverse industries and empowering organizations to enforce policies, mitigate risks, and uphold regulatory standards. With our legacy of innovation and global impact, Netsweeper stands as a leader in web filtering technology, shaping the future of online security. 

“As we celebrate 25 years at Netsweeper, our journey in addressing evolving technical challenges has been transformative. From pioneering solutions to navigating complex landscapes, our commitment to innovation drives us forward. Here’s to a quarter-century of embracing change and shaping the digital frontier.”  – Lou Erdelyi, CTO of Netsweeper 

Netsweeper’s Proud Partnerships 

Netsweeper Partners


Looking Towards the Future 

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, our journey continues unabated. In an era characterized by rapid technological advancement, such as artificial intelligence, the demand for reliable web filtering solutions has never been more pressing. We remain steadfast in our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, foreseeing emerging threats, and empowering organizations to navigate the intricacies of the digital age with confidence.  In an era where the internet is both a gateway to knowledge and a potential source of harm, we stand as an organization dedicated to fostering a safer and more secure online world. As we embark on our next chapter, one thing remains certain: our unwavering commitment to excellent digital safety will continue to define our legacy for years to come. Here’s to 25 years of web filtering innovation, and the positive impact we have had in schools and homes across the globe.  

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