6.3.2 Release Notes

Netsweeper is pleased to announce the 6.3.2. EA Release. This is the second EA release in the 6.3 release cycle.

Some of the major features in 6.3.2 EA include:

WebAdmin customizable view and functionality improvements:

  • All WebAdmin tables can be put into ‘Tile’ view
  • Drag and drop to reorder columns
  • WebAdmin Search now has new options ‘Contains All’ and ‘Contains Any’ for space-separated words
  • URL Lookup columns can be sorted
  • The default Session Store can be set for all users when they first log in
  • You can now press <ENTER> on an error page or the logout page to continue
  • TCP Window scaling by default has been added and enabled on upgrade
  • ‘GZipped CSV’ has replaced ‘Zipped CSV’ in the WebAdmin in order to better stream the download process
  • Category tags now display alphabetically
    • Reporter
  • As well as ‘Tile’ view improvements, the ‘Table’ view has a new ‘Chart’ column with a ‘Show’ link that can display the Chart if desired
  • Usability and ‘Look and Feel’ improvements for Quick Reports
  • Visual improvements to borders and spaces as well as layout issues with Charts
  • The cursor for ‘Drill Down Reports’ has been changed to a pointer when drill down is possible
    • Improvements to the Review List Tool
  • Better management of identical and duplicate entries
  • Maximum limits setting on URLs to lookup at once
  • Advanced Filter improvements
    • Two new Check Rules: ‘URL Convert to Path’ and ‘URL Convert to Query’
    • All possible Categories from all possible matches are now logged when keywords are detected
    • Deny pages can now be defined for the CleanFeed List
    • Authdirsyn and Authldap improvements

If you have any questions or concerns about planning an upgrade to this release, please contact Netsweeper Technical Support support@netsweeper.com.