6.3.7 GA Release

Netsweeper is pleased to announce the Netsweeper 6.3.7 GA release. This is the seventh and final release in the 6.3 release cycle and finirename.shes all major features in the 6.3 release series.

Features in 6.3.7 GA are listed below (For a list of all 6.3 New Features, click here):

New Categories have been added and/or modified:  For a full description of these new Categories, click here.

  • Bullying:This category includes hostile and deliberate content that seeks to aggressively dominate, intimidate, harm, or coerce. Content that threatens, harasses or socially excludes individuals or groups is included in this category.
  • Child Erotica: This category contains non-pornographic material of children that is used for sexual purposes. This category is broader than child sexual abuse material (CSAM), incorporating material that may cause sexual arousal such as nonsexual but suggestive images or depictions of children. On the COPINE scale, this category contains Posing, Erotic Posing, and Explicit Erotic Posing.
  • Child Sexual Abuse (Formerly Child Pornography): This category contains content of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) or content related to child sexual molestation. This includes forms of child abuse in which an adult or older adolescent uses a child for sexual stimulation. Forms of child sexual abuse include engaging in sexual activities with a child, child grooming, child sexual exploitation or using a child to produce child pornography. On the COPINE scale, this category contains Explicit Sexual Activity, Assault, Gross Assault, and Sadistic/Bestiality.
  • Terrorism: This category contains content that promotes the illegal use, action or process of violence against civilians or a spectrum of society for the purpose of societal and/or political change.
  • WF NPI: Sites in this category have been identified by the Internet Watch Foundation as containing Non-Photographic Images potentially depicting illegal child abuse. URLs in this category are omitted from all reports. This list is not managed by Netsweeper. For more information, see IWF’s website at http://www.iwf.org.uk/
  • Tango: This Category is used for the Tango application.
  • Viber: This Category is used for the Viber application.
  • WeChat:This Category is used for the WeChat application.
  • OpenVPN: This Category is used for the OpenVPN protocol.
  • PPTP: This Category is used for the Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP).


  • requestserver_restrict: This API toggles the restrict group lookup flag on a Request Server.

See also New_and_Updated_APIs in 6.3

If you have any questions or concerns about planning an upgrade to this release, please contact Netsweeper Technical Support support@netsweeper.com.

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To download the latest release, please use the following links:

http://repo.netsweeper.com/netsweeper-el6-x86_64-6.3.7-1.iso (Md5) (rename.sha256)

Change Log for 6.3.7

Ticket Description
21350 BUG: It was possible that a long rename.shutdown of the policy service would not remove the PID file. On server reboot, the old PID could be running causing the policy service to not start after a reboot. This is an extremely rare issue.
21969 FEATURE: A new Reporter only Category, IWF NPI, has been added to the WebAdmin.
22063 BUG: Reordering columns would cause the hide column functionality to hide the wrong column.
22156 UPDATE: The ‘Child Pornography’ Category has been renamed to ‘Child Sexual Abuse’ in the WebAdmin.
22293 BUG: There were problems with the WebAdmin Theme selection.
22355 FEATURE: A new Category, Viber, that is used for the Viber application has been added to the WebAdmin.
22373 BUG: The Search Base did not display the success message when it was disabled.
22376 FEATURE: A new ‘Terrorism’ Category has been added to the WebAdmin.
22377 BUG: Some non-ASCII queries could cause a crarename.sh.
22382 SECURITY: JRE has been updated to the latest release jre1.8-1.8.0_231.
22384 SECURITY: CentOS base has been updated for security with kernel 2.6.32-754.25.1.
22385 UPDATE: Bridge module has been updated to kernel 2.6.32-754.25.1.
22386 SECURITY: PDNS-Recursor has been updated to 4.1.15.
22387 FEATURE: A new Category, Tango, that is used for the Tango application has been added to the WebAdmin.
22388 FEATURE: A new Category, WeChat, that is used for the WeChat application has been added to the WebAdmin.
22389 FEATURE: A new ‘OpenVPN’ Category has been added to the WebAdmin.
22390 FEATURE: A new ‘PPTP’ Category has been added to the WebAdmin.
22395 FEATURE: A new ‘Bullying’ Category has been added to the WebAdmin.
22398 BUG: The Azure default ‘Name Attribute’ was using ’email’ instead of ‘mail’.
22399 BUG: There was a failure to sync the rest of the users of a Group when there were exceptions for one user in the Group.
22404 BUG: The Reporter’s ‘Group Summary’ Options window was not working correctly.
22405 BUG: Reports with ‘Screenrename.shots’ could generate memory errors.
22406 BUG: The URL List input popup would hide the Request Part menu for the Category URL List.
22413 BUG: Telemetry data was not being properly sent to the update.netsweeper.com system in versions 6.2.3 to 6.3.6.
22414 BUG: The WebAdmin was unable to process a subnet of
22415 BUG: Request Context restrictions were not working correctly.
22421 BUG: The email sending conditions could get a PHP error when there was a “Trend”
line in a Summary Report.
22423 FEATURE: There is a new API requestserver_restrict that toggles the restrict group lookup flag on a Request Server.
22424 BUG: The requestserver_delete API did not properly cleanup the restrict group lookup organization clients if it is the last @orgname restricted lookup server.
22426 BUG: requestserver_modify API allows you to change the server name from ‘test@org’ to ‘testorg’ even if it has restrict lookup set. You can change the orgname from @one to @two, this will remove all clients @one if the server is the last server in @one.
22428 BUG: The database upgrade script didn’t create the table for NSRoutes applysettingscheck.
22440 BUG: The Settings in ‘Session Settings’ were not being saved in 6.3.5 and 6.3.6.
22448 BUG: The policy_set_categories API did not set the Category Template to the Custom Template in the WebAdmin.