Netsweeper 5.2.6 is now Generally Available.

All customers should now start to plan their upgrade to Netsweeper 5.2.6.

The following major features are now available in the 5.2 release:


  • New certificate management functionality has been added for NSProxy;
  • Ability to disable Authentication Redirect on a specific NSProxy list port;
  • WCCP Support has been added.

Email Sign Up and Password Recovery

  • Email Sign Up allows WebAdmin User Accounts to be created by the user;
  • There is new forgot password feature for password recovery.

Single Sign On

  • There is now Single Sign On (SSO) integration for Google and Microsoft in the WebAdmin, Profile Manager, and the new Sign-up functionality;
  • If you are using the Authentication Redirect portal you can now use the Single Sign on feature.


  • The new Top N estimated summary grouping option uses a new reporter algorithm to reduce the time to generate reports like ‘Top 10 Denied URLs’ making reports work much faster without requiring temporary space. This allows for Top URL reports to be made on terabytes of secure logs;
  • The Netsweeper reporting infrastructure can now run reports on designated reporting nodes. This allows for a distributed reporting and logging infrastructure but still retaining the ability to have centralized report management. This feature can also be used to reduce logging bandwidth between filtering points of presence by no longer requiring centralized logging and reporting;
  • With the Create Report feature, you can now create a Report using an existing Report Template, allowing for the creation of Reports tailored to their purpose and a simplified interface;
  • Variables for Report Date, Owner and Report Name can now be added to the Email Subject line for Reports.

Category Management

  • The default Category Templates and their definitions have been reviewed and updated. The ‘default’ Category Template has been renamed to ‘Strict’.  The new Category Templates are: Strict, Moderate, Relaxed, Secure, None and Custom;
  • Malware Hosts and Phishing Hosts Categories have been added to the WebAdmin.

List Management

  • Review List and Advanced Filtering options have been added to the ‘List Entries’ window to assist in managing large numbers of List entries;
  • Ability to share Advanced List filters with other Admins and SysOps.

Profile Manager

  • The Profile Manager theme has been updated to look the same as the WebAdmin theme;
  • WebAdmin Single Sign on, Forgot Password and Sign up features have been added to the Profile Manager.

To read more about any of these features, please see the 5.2 New Features Combined document. For the full 5.2.6 Change Log, Documentation, and Download information see this link.

If you have any questions or concerns about planning an upgrade to this release, please contact Netsweeper Technical Support