DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 7, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Netsweeper, a leader in web filtering technology and online student safety, today announced its plans to offer its customers and partners Lenovo’s award-winning classroom management software, LanSchool. By including Lenovo’s LanSchool within its portfolio of education solutions, Netsweeper will make it easier for more schools to secure a comprehensive software package complete with its web filtering, digital safety monitoring, and now LanSchool classroom management technologies from a single source.

With features that encourage collaboration and engagement, LanSchool helps teachers better guide learning while monitoring their students’ work, both in the classroom and remotely, to create more meaningful online experiences. By offering two separate versions – the locally hosted LanSchool Classic and cloud-based LanSchool Air – that are compatible across multiple operating systems, LanSchool is better equipped to support schools through their digital transformation journeys and enable digital learning in the classroom, as well as in hybrid learning environments.

Key Benefits
LanSchool’s comprehensive feature set includes:

• Screen Monitoring: Teachers can monitor students’ screens as they work to help them stay on task.
• Limit Web: Educators and IT teams can limit access to approved websites, reducing distractions and keeping students safer.
• Share Screen: Teachers can share their screen across all student devices, capturing attention and saving valuable time.
• Blank Screen: With the touch of a button, educators can shift student attention by blanking screens and locking devices.
• Messaging and Raise Hand: Students can engage with teachers more easily with messaging features such as “raise hand” and advanced chat.
• Push Website: Teachers can instantly launch the same webpage on every device, making it simple for students to navigate to the correct URL.

“We are excited to team up with Lenovo to provide such transformative software to schools,” says Perry Roach, CEO of Netsweeper. “Teachers are now able to harness the benefits of technology in a time that has brought more challenges than ever with hybrid learning and online distractions, while also knowing that their students are better protected from online threats.”

“With increasing class sizes and the integration of internet-based learning resources, the challenge of keeping students on task while simultaneously keeping them safer from online threats has never been more critical. Netsweeper has a long and established track record of helping safeguard students, and Lenovo is proud to introduce classroom management into their offerings with our LanSchool solution,” says Coby Gurr, General Manager, Education Software, Lenovo.

To purchase LanSchool along with Netsweeper’s other education solutions, visit www.netsweeper.com/contact.

About Netsweeper
Netsweeper is a leading provider of online student safety solutions worldwide. Our suite of software and network solutions helps schools safeguard students, regardless of how they access the online world. The scale of the internet is larger than any list and larger than any one network. Netsweeper uses advanced AI to identify harmful online content, contact, conduct, and commerce in real-time, and our platform has been developed to meet CIPA compliance requirements. Founded in 1999, Netsweeper has a global presence servicing a network footprint of over 1 billion users. Our US office is located in Dallas, Texas.
Learn more at netsweeper.com.

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