THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS, November 4, 2022 / — Netsweeper has announced that it will be exhibiting at EDUtech_Asia from November 8-10. This event will occur at Sands Expo in Singapore. Netsweeper will be exhibiting at the Canadian Pavilion at stand K01C. Company representatives will be available throughout the conference to demonstrate Netsweeper’s products and meet with current and potential filtering customers.

Digital Safety Monitoring for a Safer Internet Experience

Schools around the world are seeing an increase in anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges in their students. Schools are looking for tools that can help identify students suffering from these mental health challenges, as well as minimize distractions and exposure to harmful content.

“Schools have a duty to keep children safe while they’re on the internet at school. What Netsweeper does is provide platforms and tools and a safety ecosystem that allows IT managers and guidance departments to be in duty of care while children are on the internet. An example would be blocking inappropriate material or harmful content or alerting a teacher or a guidance counselor when a child is looking to do something extreme, such as searching how to hurt themselves or how to commit suicide.” — Perry Roach, CEO of Netsweeper.

To schedule a meeting at EDU_tech Asia with Netsweeper, contact the company here.

About Netsweeper

Netsweeper is a leading provider of online student safety solutions worldwide. Our suite of digital safety monitoring and network solutions helps schools safeguard students, regardless of how they access the online world. The scale of the internet is larger than any list and larger than any one network. Netsweeper uses advanced AI to identify harmful online content, contact, conduct, and commerce in real-time and alerts administrators to potential risks to student safety. Founded in 1999, Netsweeper has a global presence servicing a network footprint of over 1 billion users and operates in over 60 countries. For more information visit