Netsweeper is pleased to provide this release digest, outlining notable product enhancements that have occurred over the past quarter.

Netsweeper is constantly investing in its technology to ensure it meets the requirements of our customers.

What’s changed in the last quarter?

WebAdmin: List Management Feature/UI Improvements

Extensive new functionality for list management in the WebAdmin provides major gains to users that utilize lists within their filtering policies.

Value Add: More sophisticated list management, with improvements in efficiency.

WebAdmin: New Sysop Permissions

New Sysop permissions have expanded the flexibility of the Sysop permissions system.

Value Add: More flexibility around Sysop and permission management.

Client Filter (CF): Enhancements

Significant time has been spent improving the Client Filter’s stability and application co-existence, including anti-virus compatibility. Additionally, CF control panel features have been added.

Value Add: …Reduce management overhead while improving deployment flexibility/efficiency.

Workstation Agent: Enhancements

Although, and not part of the Netsweeper Platform release, WAgent changes typically occur in parallel due to product interconnectivity.

Value Add: Better per-user filtering, as well as improvements on deployment options that reduce management overhead.