THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS, September 29, 2022 / — Inside the Sweeps, a podcast that helps listeners make the best choices when it comes to implementing technology protection tools, recently featured Elisa Brewer-Singh, Executive Director of the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council. Elisa is an expert in the field of suicide awareness and mental health.

Using Technology to Identify Those That Are Struggling and Support Mental Health

In the latest episode of Inside the Sweeps, host Alison Bussey and Elisa discuss how to identify those that may be at risk for suicide and dispel the myths surrounding suicide. They break down the latest tools and technology available on the market to communities, schools, educators, and parents that support the mental health of students by helping identify those that are struggling. In addition, messages of hope, help, and healing, which include the distribution of educational resources, funding suicide awareness training, and supporting those who have lost a friend or loved one to suicide, are key in spreading awareness of suicide and reducing its impact.

“When we think about suicide prevention and truly a whole community approach, it really is about using all of the tools that are available to us,” said Elisa Brewer-Singh. “So, over the past several years, the advancement in technology has been significant. There have been many apps, digital programs that have been developed that not only support our mental wellness and well-being, but also can help us identify some individuals who may be struggling. And so, because suicide itself is so complex, this ability to incorporate a variety of tools that work collaboratively, with all of the community, truly is beneficial.”

To listen to the episode featuring Elisa Brewer-Singh, check out the Inside the Sweeps episode page.

About the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council

The Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council is a community-based non-profit aiming to increase awareness of and engagement in suicide prevention within the community to ultimately reduce suicide and its impact. They do so through education, training, and community engagement initiatives utilizing suicide prevention and positive life promotion messaging.

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