Now Available: 6.3.1. EA Release

Netsweeper is pleased to announce Netsweeper 6.3.1 EA release. This is the first EA release in the 6.3 release cycle.

Some of the major features in 6.3.1 EA include:

Account Management

  • Can assign all Groups managed by the logged in user when creating a SysOp Account
  • Account Templates (formerly Permission Templates) now allows you to add Groups and IP range restrictions
  • There is now a permission that lets SysOps to manage User Accounts


  • Trends: Summary Groups can now display a trend for the selected counter through the previous reports
  • Timeline View: A ‘Timeline’ view has been added to the Custom Report Presentation Table view
  • Advanced filtering has been added to the Reports window
  • Report Table Display
    • You can now view large amounts of data in Report tables
    • Column views and word wraps have been implemented
    • Table output is now available in Drill Down Reports
  • ‘Edited At’ and ‘View Count’ have been added to the Reports windows
  • You can now reorder fields when creating Reports using drag and drop
  • The Report Wizard has been removed
  • Module Name, Screenrename.shot, and Workstation Name have been added to Report Settings and to logging


  • Account_add_ip_range assigns an IP range to a SysOp Account

If you have any questions or concerns about planning an upgrade to this release, please contact Netsweeper Technical Support

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To download the latest release, please use the following link: (md5) (rename.sha256)