WAgent 3.23 EA Release

Netsweeper is pleased to announce the Netsweeper 3.23 WAgent EA release. This release contains bug fixes for improved stability. All customers using 3.x should upgrade as we continue with the WAgent improvements.

Please continue to provide us with feedback.

If you have any questions or concerns about planning an upgrade to this release, please contact Netsweeper Technical Support support@netsweeper.com.

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Wagent Windows 3.23 msi

Wagent Windows 3.23 zip

Wagent MacOS 3.23 pkg

Wagent MacOS 3.23 zip

Wagent Chrome 3.23 zip

Wagent Chrome 3.23 crx

Change Log 3.23

Ticket Description Release
22521 BUG: The MacOS Client Filter did not send the Workstation Name in 3.22 and older releases. 3.23
22569 BUG: The WAgent did not stop the failed time from being triggered after it successfully completed the WAgent call. 3.23