WAgent 4.1 EA Release

Netsweeper is pleased to announce the Netsweeper 4.1 WAgent EA release. This release is not completely backwards compatible with the prior releases, so it is extremely important that customers upgrading understand the changes.

If you are using the -U overrideUserName or the -G groupName option, these will no longer work UNLESS you upgrade to the Netsweeper 6.4.4 EA release or above. The Agent Config Manager now has new options for processing the command line option on the Workstation Agent. This improves security by allowing the Agent Configuration to specify what should be used, rather than allowing a customer to override.

If you are not using the -U or -G option, or are running version 3.2X or older, you can upgrade without any impacts except for an increased level of security.

Please continue to provide us with feedback.

If you have any questions or concerns about planning an upgrade to this release, please contact Netsweeper Technical Support: support@netsweeper.com.

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Wagent Windows 4.1 msi

Wagent Windows 4.1 zip

Wagent MacOS 4.1 pkg

Wagent MacOS 4.1 zip

Wagent Chrome 4.1 zip

Wagent Chrome 4.1 crx

Change Log 4.1

Ticket Description Release
22507 BUG: The Windows WAgent installer would use the old Windows 8.3 filename format for the Program Files Directory. We now use the full path name. 4.1
22613 SECURITY: The -U username and -G groupName no longer override the System Username and System Groupname, instead they send new settings to the Netsweeper 6.4.4 release and the Agent Config MUST be configured to use the Command Line option. This is now backward compatible. Users upgrading that use -G or -U in their WAgent brands MUST upgrade to the 6.4.4 release and reconfigure the Agent Configurations using the GUID. 4.1
22652 BUG: The -G groupname override did not work in the Chrome WAgent.  This option is now supported in the Chrome Workstation Agent. 4.1