Netsweeper nClient

Extending student protection beyond
school premises


Device Filtering for Remote Learning

Netsweeper nClient, part of the Netweeper Education Ecosystem, works with the Netsweeper central platform to extend web filtering and digital monitoring to student devices, ensuring they remain protected when they leave the school’s network.

The nClient application can be installed on Windows, OSX, Chrome, iOS, and Android devices, and will monitor internet traffic on those devices even when they are not connected to a Netsweeper filtered network. This enables schools to provide their students with devices that can be configured with their specific learning management systems, curriculum, software, etc., and remain confident that students will not browse to harmful/dangerous material when they take these devices home.

Unlike many other filtering solutions, nClient operates seamlessly with Netsweeper nFilter. This means that network-based school filtering and off- network device filtering can be provided from the same platform. Filtering policies that apply on-network will apply while off-network, and the switch between the two is seamless.


How it works:

  • nClient is deployed directly onto endpoint devices that need to be filtered
  • The filtering action occurs directly on that device, as part of the nClient software
  • The software communicates with a central Netsweeper platform to determine what policy decisions need to be made

nClient Features

  • Supports Windows, Mac (OSX), Chrome (plugin), iOS (safe browser), Android (safe browser)
  • Windows and Mac clients filter traffic from any browser
  • Chrome extension and the iOS/Android safe browsers, filter traffic within the browser
  • nClient does not need to VPN traffic back to the central Netsweeper platform

Netsweeper Student Protection Platform

The Netsweeper Category Name Service (CNS) is the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive solution for the classification of URLs. The proporietary, AI-driven service categorizes and maintains the definitions of more than 90 categories in more than 30 languages.

Netsweeper’s monitoring and reporting capabilities are critical for logging e-safety incidents and identifying concerns in order to accurately understand patterns of online behaviour related to student well-being.

Netsweeper’s technology ensures safe and productive internet environments at all times, and is a robust and reliable solution for the safeguarding of children within the school system.


Platform Key Features

Education Focused Categories

Real-time, dynamic updates to education-specific categories including hate speech, weapons, and substance abuse



IT admins of each school or a group of schools can login to our interface to set their own filtering policies and generate reports for their schools

Flexible Social Media Control

Netsweeper’s reporting technology delivers detailed activity information in a concise visual dashboard so you can quickly analyze your school and individual information

Granular Policy Management

Technology-based filters can provide varying levels of administrator access and enable flexible delegation of reporting and configuration privileges


Standard and Customized Safeguarding Reporting

Netsweeper reporting provides out-of-the-box logs and reports on access to the negative categories for monitoring and action

Flexible Deployment Options

On-premise – Cloud – Hybrid deployment options to suit your unique requirements – now, or in the future