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Intelligent student safeguarding with expert monitoring and automated analysis.

In recent years, the emergence of e-safety has become a wider concern among students and hence, proper safeguarding strategies need to be implemented in the classroom. Acts such as the Keeping Children Safe in Education Act, and the Prevent Duty both recognize the vital need to implement policies for the online safety of children within the school systems. Therefore schools must ensure that proper Internet filtering is in place in order to sufficiently monitor the interactions young people are having online.

Safeguard™ by Netsweeper provides the most dynamic, and unbeatable technology for safeguarding young people’s online activity within the classroom. Netsweeper categorizes URL content in over 90 countries, comprising online substance such as Hate Speech, Extreme, Criminal Skills, Weapons, and Profanity, all of which are potential forms of bullying and/or radicalization. Netsweeper’s monitoring and reporting capabilities are very important for logging e-safety incidents and concerns in order to accurately construe patterns of online behaviour.

With the significant increase to protect children from e-safety issues, schools are requiring more and more support. Netsweeper’s technology ensures safe and productive Internet environments at all times, and is a robust and reliable solution for the safeguarding of children within the school system.

Quick Alerts

Safeguard alerts users when a category is identified as potentially harmful or precarious and will instantly notify your safeguarding database to ensure optimal safety.

Language Management

With our Translation Editor, we provide our clients with the ability to translate original text from the WebAdmin, Profile Manager, and Client Filters into over 30 different languages.

Intuitive Reporting

Netsweeper’s reporting technology delivers detailed activity information per individual user and every school affliated device. This information enables the protection of students both inside and outside the classroom.

Artificial Intelligence

Netsweeper’s AI based system uses the search activities and patterns of more than 500 million devices filtered worldwide, this provides unmatched interpretive context for precise alert status provocation, eliminating false positives, and extreme accuracy to support location policy thresholds.

No Impact on Performance

Safeguard delivers the highest performance with zero latency on the student’s device.

Flexible Policy Control

Profiles and policies are built based upon your unique location requirement conditions.