The internet has influenced many of our daily activities including how we communicate, build relationships, gather information, shop, bank, and much more. The internet offers a wide range of benefits and possibilities, and many people are capitalizing on these possibilities to improve the quality of their lives. We must also take into consideration the dangers involved with internet use, and in particular, problems involving the safeguarding of our children. With the arrival of the internet, children now have easy access to obscene, pornographic, and harmful content that is inappropriate for their age. Children are mislead in many ways by this harmful content, becoming highly vulnerable to problems such as child abuse. This is exactly where the importance of CIPA compliance comes in.


What is Children’s Internet Protection Act or CIPA compliance?

What is child protection? How can you ensure child internet protection? These questions have made CIPA a hot topic of discussion today. CIPA compliance was enacted to address concerns surrounding children’s access to harmful or obscene content over the internet. Schools and libraries receive discounts for internet access through the E-rate program when they certify that they have an internet safety policy for kids that includes technology protection measures. The government has made it mandatory for schools and libraries to provide reasonable notice and hold at minimum one public meeting or hearing before accepting a child internet protection policy.

Major benefits of CIPA compliance

Complying with CIPA means you can prevent children’s access to inappropriate online content. You can also ensure the safety of children while using chat rooms, email, and other direct types of electronic communications. Unlawful activities and access by minors through unauthorized means such as hacking can be prevented in the best manner. Issues like unauthorized use and disclosure of personal information regarding minors can be addressed as well. You can also restrict minors from accessing materials harmful to them with the utmost efficiency.

The Netsweeper Solution offers optimal internet filtering benefits

There is great talk about child welfare and child abuse laws. There are adequate child protection laws in place for the safeguarding of children, however, they need to be implemented properly to prevent child abuse in the best possible manner. Netsweeper, a reliable and reputable software solution service provider, offers quality products that ensure optimal internet filtering. Netsweeper’s products protect users from inappropriate and destructive web content. These products are in complete harmony with both the internet child protection policy and CIPA. Take a look at some of Netsweeper’s highly effective content filtering and web threat management solutions:

Internet content filtering

With the help of a real-time web content categorization engine and centrally or distributed administration tools, Netsweeper places the internet access control into the hands of IT managers. One does not need to worry about activities such as filtering or blocking inappropriate content, malware, viruses, malicious code, and bandwidth consuming applications. In addition, the network remains secure to provide maximum child internet safety.

Web security

Netsweeper offers a complete suite of technologies to identify zero-minute and known web threats including phishing scams, viruses, malware, and other related issues. Check out our live stats feed!

Mobile device protection for students and adults

Netsweeper’s mobile device software ensures optimal online protection for children while off the school network. This is done by enabling the enforcement of Acceptable User Policies and internet parental control features. 


Undermining the importance of child abuse laws can invite dangerous complications. It is crucial to be highly vigilant about internet safety for kids. There are online CIPA compliance checklists that give a clear cut idea about what is important to consider regarding online child protection. CIPA demands the implementation of the technology protection measure known as internet filtering. This is done to block access to visual depictions deemed obscene, pornographic, and harmful to children. It does not matter whether computers are being used by minors or adults; filtering should be done for all internet enabled computers. The adult internet usage filtering can be disabled for bona-fide research or other lawful purposes.