In the 14th addition of our Two Minute Tips video series, we will show you how to create a Policy Event in the Policy Calendar to restrict internet access during exam times. This enables teachers to keep school exam times distraction free for students.

Although devices can be a useful tool, they have a time and a place in school, but during an exam is not one of those times. Devices and internet access are distracting to students during exams and they prevent teachers from being able to focus on their students. With all the potential disruptions students face, making exam time more focused and distraction free will allow them an environment where they can do their best work — setting them up for success.

Schools using the Netsweeper filtering platform can easily block internet access during specific times via a Policy Event within their Policy Calendar. A Policy Event allows users to set more or less restrictive internet filtering at different times of the day for a group of clients.

To see how Netsweeper gives teachers the ability to shape their own YouTube experience in the classroom, check out our Two Minute Tips video on YouTube Control Flexibility.