Now Available: Netsweeper 6.2.3 EA Release

Netsweeper is pleased to announce Netsweeper 6.2.3 EA release. This is the third EA release in the 6.2 release cycle. Some of the features in 6.2.3 EA include:

  • A new List Service has been added that can be enabled per List to process entries and detect page content changes. This can be useful for reviewing list entries and determining if an entry needs to be reviewed, changed, or removed from a List.
  • You can now auto enable ‘URL Check Rules’ when importing a List
  • Directory Sync intervals can now be run at set times
  • New Protocols: WhatsApp (309) and WhatsApp Voice (310)

For the full Release Notes, click here.  New Features can be found here.

If you have any questions or concerns about planning an upgrade to this release, please contact Netsweeper Technical Support