Now Available: Netsweeper Workstation Agent 3.9 EA Release

Netsweeper is pleased to announce the Netsweeper 3.9 WAgent release. This release contains bug fixes for improved stability, all customers using 3.x should upgrade as we continue with the WAgent improvements.

  • Customers running the WAgent on MacOS and using the Group Lookup feature are recommended to upgrade to the 3.9 release as this could fail for some deployments.
  • When using the WAgent in service mode (-t resend_time, the  -i interface change detection, or -l unlock screen detection) you can now add the -L LOGOUT_GUID, this will be run when the WAgent is shutdown when the user logs out of the workstation. (Supported for MacOS and Windows only)
  • The ChromeOS extension will no longer display a warning/error when used on non-ChromeOS devices.  We can only lookup a device ID on ChromeOS and this triggered a warning on other platforms.

Please continue to provide us with feedback.

For the full Release Notes, click here.