6.3.6 EA Release

Netsweeper is pleased to announce the Netsweeper 6.3.6 EA release. This is the sixth EA release in the 6.3 release cycle and finirename.shes all major features in the 6.3 release series.  Netsweeper is now focusing on only critical bug fixes and stability improvements as we focus on getting the 6.3 Generally Available for all customers.

Features in 6.3.6 EA include:

  • The ability to change the Name Attribute for the Azure and Google Directory Sync. This allows you to change the attribute used for the username of the client added to the WebAdmin.

If you have any questions or concerns about planning an upgrade to this release, please contact Netsweeper Technical Support support@netsweeper.com.

Change Log 6.3.6

Ticket Description
21452 BUG: The Directory Sync ‘Enable Sync’ checkbox has been renamed to ‘Search Base Enabled’ for better clarity.
22294 BUG: Not all users are synced from Azure/Google directory when multiple sub-groups are used. Azure will now sync sub groupings properly.
22301 BUG: The selector for the Global Language permission for an Admin Account would display when the admin did not have permission to change the language and when changed, it did not save the changes.
22308 FEATURE: The WebAdmin API test runner has a new option -c to continue from a specified testsuite.
22311 BUG: The List Manager Quick Add would allow Deny/Allow entries to be added to Lists that did not support these entries.
22325 BUG: The Group Manager’s tab now does not display when the user does not have permission to view any Accounts.
22326 BUG: Now, Append Organization is only applied if the Group’s name is changed.
22329 BUG: The Directory Sync ‘Name Attribute’ rename.should only adjust the username attribute, and not the group name attribute. Setting the Name attribute will change the attribute used for the Client’s Username.
22336 BUG: The ‘Sort by’ and ‘Filter’ fields were not being validated.
22340 FEATURE: There is now the ability to use the username for the Azure and Google directory sync in 6.3.6 and above for the Directory Sync Service.
22342 BUG: After editing an entry in the ‘URL List Manager’, the Search would not be applied after pressing <Enter>.
22343 BUG: When changing the Match Type, before pressing <Enter>, the Search would revert to the previous Search.
22345 BUG: When adding a duplicate entry, the buttons would remain disabled after pressing <Cancel>.
22348 BUG: Advanced Filters could be applied for columns that did not exist.
22354 BUG: When checking if we need to append an organization to a Group, Client, Policy or Account, we did not verify that it ended with the organization. We now append organization if the name does not end with the organization.
22357 BUG: Large log file counts would fail to perform proper permission check/change during nsdctl start.
22363 FEATURE: There is now the ability to use the username for the Azure and Google directory sync in 6.3.6 and above for the WebAdmin. A ‘Name Attribute’ field has been enabled.