7.34 Client Filter EA Release

The Netsweeper Client Filter 7.34 EA release is now available! This release includes a major fix for MacOS Catalina 10.15. All customers running MacOS Catalina 10.15 are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the 7.34 release. The 7.34 fixes a kernel memory leak for MacOS 10.15 Catalina under high network load.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to support@netsweeper.com.

Go to the Client Filter 7x Release Notes page.

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7.34 Change Log

Ticket Description Release
22337 BUG: The wx-config path for Mac has been fixed. 7.34
22368 BUG: The nMonitor button in System Preferences was included even if it was not branded in for the MacOS release. 7.34
22391 BUG: After installation we may start the system tray icon for the “root” user.  We never want to start the tray for the “root” user after install. 7.34
22419 BUG: The Client Filter on MacOS Catalina would slowly lose memory under high network load.   All customers running MacOS Catalina MUST upgrade to the 7.34 release. 7.34
22422 BUG: The Brand package version was not being used as part of the full version.  The version is in the format, MAJOR.MINOR.NETSWEEPER_BRANDNO.BRANDNO 7.34
22434 BUG: The ConfigEdit app could display the incorrect icon after branding making it possible to have a prior brand or odd icon from another Brand. 7.34
22435 BUG: Clicking the System Preferences > Client Filter > Advanced button did not open the ‘Advanced’ dialog on MacOS Catalina 10.15. 7.34
22436 BUG: The ‘Preference’ pane was not removed after uninstall on MacOS. 7.34
22437 BUG: The domain user group message from MacOS 10.15 would always have the user “root” for Catalina.  We will now try a few methods to get the proper username to work around this LaunchAgent bug in Catalina. 7.34
22443 BUG: The divert LaunachDaemon on MacOS would print a “MATCH” debug line, this debug message has been removed. 7.34
22446 BUG: On MacOS, the installer will remove the uninstall flag from the System Preferences and is now removed to avoid an uninstall after install. 7.34
22447 BUG: On MacOS uninstall, any leftover filtering processes are now forcefully stopped. 7.34
22453 FEATURE: The MacOS kernel module is now uninstalled before it is loaded on startup.   This makes sure the correct version is running after upgrade. 7.34