Internet Content ISP Blocking for Online Crisis Events

Enable ISP level country-wide content filtering to prevent the exploitation of the Internet for terrorism and Violent Extremism Conducive to Terrorism (VECT)

Internet content blocking for online crisis events

At the July 1, 2019 meetings, the leaders of the G20 nations committed to take action on the exploitation of the Internet for terrorist and VECT content. As a result, there is a need to implement an Internet content blocking platform to mitigate the spread of content during online crisis events.

The live streaming of terrorist attacks and other atrocities has necessitated that regulators need to take more responsibility and control what information is available or being viewed on the Internet within their country. The Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) is working to drive this agenda, however, further action is needed.

Implementing Netsweeper’s Online Crisis Management Platform at a national level enables legislative bodies to enforce safe and positive Internet environments. Societies need to police to the level that societies will accept.

For 20 years, Netsweeper’s Platform Solutions have enabled Governments and ISPs to centrally manage compliance requirements of illegal content. Internet requests are processed with zero latency/risk. When deployed country wide, Netsweeper’s patented, real-time, dynamic Internet content filtering and web threat management solutions, governments can centrally manage the proliferation of terrorism-related content according to their laws in real-time.

Netsweeper’s country-wide ISP content blocking system can:

  • Create a jurisdictional ring around your country’s virtual networks
  • Centrally block the proliferation of offensive content in milliseconds
  • Create custom landing pages for blocked domains
  • Assist to determine whether the material is sufficiently serious to warrant blocking
  • Send automated notifications to regulatory bodies
  • Alert a suspect issue or URL visit allowing the eSafety Commissioner to then take action and get proper warrants to overcome privacy concern
  • Use the CTIRU list (Counter Terrorism Information Referral Unit) which includes over 5000 terrorism related websites and content
  • Share best practices as the Netsweeper Platform is installed in many countries

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