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Providing best-in-class web filtering, content management, and safeguarding in your schools.

Protect: Creating a Safe Online Learning Environment

The internet is now a core resource and useful tool to help children continuously learn and grow as individuals. Protecting students from online threats and their devices from infection is now more important than ever before.

Our web filtering solution provides real-time analysis of content that are often missed by other filtering and security products. We go beyond standard URL lists to ensure students are protected from inappropriate or malicious content at all times. Our platform has been developed to meet both CIPA and OFSTED compliance requirements and the Prevent duty guidance. Our BYOD capabilities provides peace of mind and allows students to learn safe in and out of the classroom when connected to your network.

Monitor and Prevent:

Introducing nMonitor™ Powered by Netsweeper

Netsweeper nMonitor is a powerful real-time content monitoring and reporting platform that helps schools meet safeguarding initiatives and protect at-risk students by identifying potentially harmful actions in real-time, allowing safeguarding leaders to take proactive steps for early intervention to promote mental health wellness.

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Web Filtering - The Netsweeper Difference

With two decades of research and development, Netsweeper’s intelligent AI-based web content categorization platform is the industry’s most accurate and comprehensive artificial intelligence solution for the classification of online content.  Leveraging our proprietary Category Name Service (CNS) for real-time world-wide distribution updates, we maintain the definitions of more than 90 categories in more than 50 languages. This dynamic web content categorization service classifies the Internet and is an essential prevention and protection instrument against illicit content and advanced targeted threats.


Features Overview

Dynamic Categorization

Dynamic categorisation of web content with billions of URLs categorised; rapid categorisation of new content and configurable filtering policies

Comprehensive Policy Management

Create granular filtering policies by user, group, time and day, using dynamic categories and configurable URL lists


Enforce SafeSearch across all popular web search engines including Google, Bing, and YouTube

Configurable Lists

Configurable deny and allow lists. Add URLs, keywords, file extensions, and URL rewrites

BYOD Control

Control BYOD devices using a variety of methods (group IP, captive portal, proxy authentication)

Powerful Reporting

Easy to use reporting out of the box. Create powerful custom reports for detailed analytics based on your needs.

Increased Security

Add security to your network by blocking access to phishing, malware, and virus sites

Social Media Controls

Manage user activity on hundreds of social media platforms, both on the web or in-app

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