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Creating a Safer Internet

Help parents and guardians monitor their children’s access to inappropriate websites and content while using laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other smart devices. Netsweeper’s network-based filtering with parental controls represents a flexible value-added service that can increase average revenue per user, reduce churn, and offer differentiation for a service provider. Netsweeper’s solution scales across an entire network without introducing risk or latency.

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Describes the benefits telcos get by implementing parental controls.

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Create Unique Policies

Low, Medium, High, PG, Over 14, or Adult content controls to help make sure you’re comfortable with the sites your family can see online in your home.

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The ability to select allowed and blocked websites based on the requirements and needs of each user and household.

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Time Restrictions

Set up access time restrictions for homework, browsing time, social time and more.

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Email Notifications

Receive an alert if the system identifies access attempts to blocked or time-restricted websites.

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Scheduling Controls

Access time restrictions can be used to block the internet at certain times of the day, so that no matter which device a child connects with, it can be controlled.

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Override Controls

Control override attempts against blocked pages with request access notification.

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Console Control

Network enabled gaming consoles such as Sony PlayStation or Microsoft XBox that connect to game websites can also be blocked by Parental Controls.

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